Element 5


Softwares Used: Unity, Adobe Illustrator, GarageBand

Role: Game Designer/Level Designer/Programmer/Particle Designer/Music Composer.


Element 5 is a group project. The original game idea from game designer Blake Curia. I am the level designer and programmer for this game. This game currently has a prototype version which is going to the public soon. Here are some documents I designed and made.


Story (Wrote by Blake Curia): 

In the kingdom of Larkandia, the evil sorcerer Tundro, opened a rift of darknesses in the world. From the darkness, Element 5 crystals are appearing randomly scattered across the land. These crystals contain great magical energy within them, but anyone who has come in contact with them has become madly obsessed with their power. Those who were strong enough tried to resist absorbing the crystals’ energy, but they eventually ended up exploding into a puff of smoke. You have had the unfortunate curiosity to touch one of these magic crystals and must now fight for your life by collecting more. However, you are not the only mage with this insatiable taste for power. Use your magic traps to take out your opponents and ensure your reward of unlimited access to Element 5.

Screen Shots:

Design Docs & Old Files


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