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Very First Time


Producer, Director, Editor, Motion Graphics Designer


A sexual talk show that talks about someone's very first sex experience. YouTube Link

Academy Game Night


Producer, Motion Graphics Designer, Videographer, Editor


A funny school game show with beautiful sites and unique games. YouTube Link

Frank Fanucchi


Reporter, Videographer, Editor


A profile interview with a famous go-go dancer in San Francisco. His website.  YouTube Link

Truth Needs Dares: Jalapenõ Sashimi


Producer, Host, Motion Graphics Designer, Videographer, Editor


The first episode for a new challenge game blog that challenges something people to dare to try them before. YouTube Link



Producer, Singer, Performer, Writer, Videographer, Motion Graphics Designer, Editor


A cocktail making music video for Halcoholic.Club.


Nicolas Cage Show


Reporter, Videographer, Editor


San Francisco holds an Art Show with all Art pieces of the famous classic actor Nicolas Cage from all over the world. This video was Nominee for Best Media Segment of Academy Media Award 2015.

Power Orange


Producer, Host, Writer, Videographer, Motion Graphics Designer, Editor


A cocktail made for Halcoholic.Club.

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Social Meetup


Reporter, Videographer, Editor


A Germany vegetarian dinner holds in San Francisco every two weeks.

Double Robotics


Reporter, Videographer, Editor


Founder company of Double Robotics. From anywhere in the world, you have a physical presence in the office and can speak to co-workers at any time with this new robot.


We Love Chinglish EP 8


Producer, Host, Audio Editor


A funny music  Podcast to introduce you some Chinese pop music. This episode is about Muppets.

Weird People Show: Alvin And The Chipmunks


Producer, Host, Audio Editor


A weird interview with Alvin from movie Alvin And The Chipmunks.

Weird People Show: Miley Cyrus


Producer, Host, Audio Editor


An interview montage with Miley Cyrus.

Chinese Music Show: Pengpai Music 芃派音乐

Producer, Host, Audio Editor

A Chinese music podcast was aired at AM 1540 for US China Press in Seattle.

Very First Episode

Episode Spring Festival

Episode Valentine's Day

Episode Classic

Episode 神曲

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