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They Are Here's Documents


Softwares Used: Unreal Engine 4, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop

Role: Game Designer/Level Designer/Blueprint Scripter


They Are Here is a room escape game built in Unreal Engine 4.




“There are five of them look like a cult, they wear clown masks, suits, and they are holding a knife, saw, and ax. They blew up the only entrance to the underground train station. Rocks block the entrance no one can get out of here. There’s blood everywhere, and they keep killing survivors who are stuck in here. They put some corpses on the stretcher. I’m the only security officer in this station, and I have to help those survivors.”


You are sitting in the security office like a normal day. Suddenly, an explosion happened at the entrance. Blood, trash, rocks, and dust are everywhere. Five cult members and a stretcher appear in the station start to kill those survivors and the rocks from the explosion block the only entrance. You know that’s the only entrance here, and you walk to the rocks and thinking to make a bomb to get rid of these rocks. You graduated from chemistry school, and you know what you need. You list out what you need and start a search for them at the train station. You realized your gun doesn’t have any bullets and the only weapon you have is a stun gun. You have to be careful to be stealthy not find by those cult members. Find everything on the list and make the bomb lead survivors to get out of here.


They Are Here (2)
They Are Here (4)
They Are Here (3)
They Are Here (1)

Design Documents:

They Are Here Level Design Docs

Level Design Views:


Game Preview

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