Anonymous Cheer


Software Used: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Procreate

Role: Game Designer/Level Designer/Artist


Intro: Anonymous Cheer is a 2-4 players board game, which players corporate together to defeat a boss and get drinks cheer up at the end. This was a project I made with Min Gyo Choi in Fall 2017. We designed the game and arts together. I created the story, boar, and cards while she made characters (which players have to fold by themselves) and the boss. 


Story: Once upon a time, there was an anonymous evil came from the sky and stole human’s happiness and powers from the whole world. The world suddenly turns to chaos. There appear ten suns in the sky, animals and plants were dead, water was dried out, and ghosts and demons were everywhere. It was like the end of the humankind. At this moment, each country has a hero came out to save the earth. Finally, they defeated the anonymous evil. The anonymous evil came back each Fall since then, each country set their own festival to protect themselves. American Thanksgiving Day, Chinese Mid-Autumn Day, Irish Halloween, and Korean Chuseok are some of those festivals. In this game, each player will choose a festival to be the hero of that country. Players have to gain powers, get drinks and corporate with other players to defeat the anonymous evil and cheer!

Game Photos

Photo Jan 29, 12 13 10
Photo Jan 29, 12 29 54
Photo Jan 29, 12 24 10
Photo Jan 29, 12 25 11
Anonymous Cheer
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Photo Jan 29, 12 30 15
Photo Jan 29, 12 32 22
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Photo Jan 29, 12 30 37
Photo Jan 29, 12 30 51
Photo Jan 29, 12 31 03
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Photo Jan 29, 12 46 51
Photo Jan 29, 12 32 14
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Design Photos

Anonymous Cheer
Anonymous Cheer
Anonymous Cheer
Anonymous Cheer

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