Juicy Sweety Production is a game production found by Haoze Li (Hal) in 2017. It is a game promoting production that trademarked games created by him. There are different genres of games you can find in here: from a platformer, first person and third person adventure to puzzle and horror games. Juicy Sweety are those self-luminous mochis and main character in most of Hal's games. The background story is TBUG (the big ugly guy) always jealous of those Juicy Sweeties since they are cute and people love them so much, unlike him. He wants to kill them all to gain their attractive powers and get people to like him. 


Please click icons below to see more details of these games and try them! You can give us some feedback on the contact page. Enjoy and have fun!

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Juicy Sweety Cuteness Is Mine