The Savage One


Software Used: Unity


Intro: The current screenshots and video made from the game demo. The actual game will be an online compatible sandbox shooting game. The player starts with five different elements with different powers and tries to kill different Juicy Sweeties as many as possible. The battle result that calculates as how many Juicy Sweeties that the player killed minus how many time the player get hit in the game after 2 minutes. 



Story: (Wrote By Blake Curia)


It was a sunny day. TBUG (The Big Ugly Guy) and TBUW (The Big Ugly Wife) were arguing the trivial

something. They start to fight since you know the family fight. Meanwhile, Juicy Sweeties are coming to the

town, and they want to occupy this place on their own. TBUG and TBUW decided to kill them together

and who ever killed them most going treat the other one the dinner. Great! Let’s battle!


Screen Shots:

Offline Game Demo

Juicy Sweety Production TM

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