Juicy Sweety: Endless Pipe


Softwares Used: Unity, Adobe Illustrator, Garageband

Role: Game Designer/Level Designer/C# Scripter/UX Designer/2D Artist/Music Composer


JS: Endless Pipe is an endless running game. The character will keep running forward in this endless pipe. The player will turn the pipe left or right to avoid the obstacles. Players have to get enough points in each level and open new levels and comic stories.



This game is available in the APP store for IOS devices.



Privacy Policy: You don't need one since this game will not collect any of your information and game will not connect to the internet. Have Fun! (Be sure to download from the Apple App Store, DO NOT download from any website.)





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Juicy Sweety Endless Pipe
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Juicy Sweety Endless Pipe Story

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