Juicy Sweety: The Original


Softwares Used: Unity, Adobe Illustrator, Logic Pro X

Role: Game Designer/Level Designer/C# Scripter/2D Artist/Music Composer


JS: The Original is a Mario type platform game. The basic controls are exactly like the old fashion Mario: left, right, and jump. The level of this game is an extremely hard level. There are many surprises in this level are going to kill you. Try your best to get to the destination. 


I made this full game by myself used one week. The hardest part of this game was the level; I have to make sure the level is hard and fun. Please try this game and have fun with it! 


Juicy Sweety 10_28_2018 6_11_13 PM
Juicy Sweety 10_28_2018 6_08_35 PM
Juicy Sweety 10_28_2018 6_09_29 PM
Juicy Sweety 10_28_2018 6_13_53 PM
Juicy Sweety 10_28_2018 6_15_47 PM
Juicy Sweety 10_28_2018 6_16_06 PM


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